DX-35/40 mic

Glen Zook gzook at YAHOO.COM
Thu Aug 30 00:10:23 EDT 2001

If I remember correctly, a version of this microphone
was sold by Heath to be used with the Cheyenne mobile

The DX-35 (circa mid-1956 - the "introductory article"
was in the September 1956 issue of QST) didn't have
any particular model microphone recommended that I
know of.  This microphone will certainly work with the
DX-35, DX-40, DX-60, DX-100, Apache, Seneca, HX-30,
HX-20, and even the SB-Line equipment.  Anything that
takes a high impedance microphone.

The microphone that I used with both my Globe Chief
90A (with SM-90 screen modulator) and my original
DX-35 back in 1959 was a Japanese copy of the JT-30
that I paid $3.95 for at Radio Distributing Company in
South Bend, Indiana.  I have no idea as to what
happened to that microphone, but it was a very good

Glen, K9STH

--- Stu Lyon <slyon at PACIFICNET.NET> wrote:

The question has come up in the past as to what mic
went with the above rigs.

I remember it as being this one. I also used it on my
original DX-100 in 1956.

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