SB-220 & SB-200 meter rebuild

TJLee tlee at WCOIL.COM
Fri Aug 31 18:31:13 EDT 2001

Hello to all

I have come across a few Japanese meter movements which I used to
rebuild the meter movements on the SB-220.  These movements fit in the
panel meter holes exactly with no modifications.  I used the old meter
face and meter cover and combine it with the new movement and back
case.  Needle on new movement is red instead of white and needle
adustment must be done with cover off.  It sets only about an 1/8" lower
than original meter placement.  Would anybody be interested in seeing
the meter I converted??  I think also I will be able to drill hole in
back of new case for light.  If interested I could rebuild one of these
for about $35 shipped using your old meter cover and dial plate.  Have
just a few of these movements as they were surplus fine.

73  Ted  N8GPQ

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