Heath "Bench" power supplies FS

Sat Jan 1 13:19:40 EST 2005

For Sale:

I have a couple of Heath power supplies, designed
for the test bench.  Both of these are very well
regulated power supplies, and are variable in
voltage output, and also have variable current limiting,
so you can set it so you won't fry your latest project.
Both are the "Heath Brown" color, and not the green.

Heath IP-18 DC power supply
This one is variable up to 15 Volts, and will provide up
to 1/2 amp of current.  It is relatively small (about 5 1/2
W x 4 1/2 high x 6 inches deep).  It works 100% and
looks fine also.  With paper work for $25.

Heath IP-27 DC power supply
This supply is capable of up to 50 V DC at up to 1 1/2
amps of current.  It is set up in 5 volt ranges (0 to 5 V,
5 to 10 V, etc), with a bit of overlap on the ranges, and
then has a pot to set the fine voltage. Heath used a neat
design, where the power transformer has many taps,
and is switched as one changes ranges, keeping heat
and power dissipation to a minimum.  The current
limit has 3 ranges (150 ma, 500 ma, and 1.5 amps),
with a pot to set the fine adjustment.  This one works
great, and looks fine also.  With paper work for $75.

Prices do not include shipping from Florida.



Ken, W8EK

Ken Simpson
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