new prototype charge controler pcb for your heathkit qrp stations

mike bryce prosolar at SSSNET.COM
Sat Jan 1 15:04:30 EST 2005

cleaning up the shack... one of my new year's resolutions!

anyway.. i have four of my new micro P charge controller pcbs. these are

I have the pcb and a parts list, and overlay... the rest is up to you...

when finished, the controller will handle 30 amps.

it produces NO RFI!!!

it has on the pcb..

expanded voltmeter
100mV tap for a dpm
thermal shut down
automatic fan cooling
30 amp capacity
temperature compensation (switchable on or off!!)
board fits in your hand.

since these are prototypes, the low battery warning section is not working
correctly. Like a dumb butt, I connected the ref voltage to the supply
voltage. cut a trace and solder in a jumper and it will work. These ARE

anyway.. if anyone want's one, the pcb are $15 + shipping..

the pcbs are double sided, plated thought holes, silk screen on component
side and solder mask applied on both sides.

I only have four of them... one is my system now undergoing tests...

today, it was handling 38 amps...

have a great new year!!

Mike Bryce WB8VGE
SunLight Energy Systems

"Electricity at the speed of light"

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