TX-1 Temp Test Results (Was: AC Line Voltages, Then and Now)

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I replaced the original fan in my TX-1 with a muffin fan shortly after I bought it, because it was burned out.  The one I bought fits nicely right on top of the perforated cage cover.  I just had to enlarge four of the holes to fit the screws.  I first tried a muffin fan from Radio Shack, and it sounded like a vacuum cleaner running.  I returned it and ordered one from Newark.com (around $20) that's a whole lot quieter.  I found that 115 volt muffin fans are a lot harder to come by than the 12 volt variety, so you have to do a little searching.


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There is insufficient room inside the final cage of the Apache to install a
muffin style fan inside. To change the fan to a muffin style, the top cover
of the final cage has to be replaced with perforated aluminum and the
muffin style fan attached ontop using new screws to the aluminum. By the
way, the muffin style fan is much quieter than the original fan you would
hardly know it's running after it starts. The original TX-1 fan makes
noise, vibrates and takes a bit longer to quiet down.

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