SB-300 filter output

Michael Waldrop w5rkl at YAHOO.COM
Sun May 14 00:46:59 EDT 2006

AM recption can be accomplished with an SB-300 without an AM filter installed.
  A simple wiring change at the mode switch, removing the filter output ground, will
  allow you to receive and listen to AM without the necessity of the AM filter. To listen
  to AM on an SB-300 without an AM filter, simply remove the mode switch filter output
  ground, reroute the wire to the mode switch IF input and AM audio now is heard 
  in AM mode without an AM filter. For those SB-301 users, this ground is not
  part of the instructions, it's not there in the SB-301 so no modification is required.
  The reproduced audio in AM mode is a bit bassy and the audio gain needs to be
  set higher but it works. I've noticed the SB-303 has the same filter output ground so
  I'm going to perform this same wiring change on the SB-303 so I can use the AM
  mode; I don't have an AM filter in my SB-303 either.

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