Help TX-1 semi-frozen band and mode switches/another problem

Mike Tyler K6STU at AOL.COM
Mon May 15 14:50:09 EDT 2006

Thank you everyone for all your help.
I now have all the band and mode switches freed up and even have the VFO  
gears meshing correctly. 
Now, I have one more problem. I am following the tune up procedure on page  
92 and 93  of the manual with the short on the accessory socket between  pins 5 
and 8. Band switch in AM. With the meter switch in the drive position, I  
placed the drive control at 5.  Pressed the spotting switch and with a 40  meter 
xtal I could only get 2 Ma.Max. When I let go of the spotting switch  it  read 
0 ma. With the VFO, It would adjust to 8 Ma. I backed the drive  back to 6 ma 
and when I let go of the spotting switch the meter went back to 2  Ma. When I 
backed the drive to 5 Ma. the meter read zero Ma. . I switched the  meter 
switch to Grid position and the meter pinned negatively to the left of  zero. any 
help would be greatly Thanks again in advance.

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