Mostek MK5017 clock chip for SB-634

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> Which MK5017 IC, exactly, does the SB-634 need?  The MK5017 is actually
> several different clock chips which have different suffixes that are
> significant, determined by the specific function set of the chip.  For
> example, MK5017AA has an alarm tone output, MK5017AN has clock radio
> functions (alarm and sleep timer switched outputs), MK5017BA has a
> calendar, etc.  There may also be a "P" somewhere in the suffix if it's a
> ceramic-packaged chip.  I believe I have an untested MK5017BA somewhere, if
> I can find it.

Small correction - the calendar version is MK5017BB, not BA.

Also, I found mine, an MK 5017BB P (white ceramic with gold pins and die cover


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