WTB - Looking for SB-104A parts rig - any condition considered

Eric Pierce eric_pierce at SYMPATICO.CA
Sun May 28 11:06:42 EDT 2006

I was hoping to pick up an SB-104A parts rig (spares for my good 
SB-104A) at Dayton this year, but did not see one, so am looking to this 

I am looking for a "real" SB-104A (not an upgraded one - a "real" 
SB-104A says 400 hz under the button under the VOX gain control).

It would be nice if it had a complete set of the right boards:

Slot	Board Name		Board

A	Counter or Calibrator	85-1417-2
B	Transmitter Audio/Reg.	85-1580-5
C	Transmitter IF		85-1929-3
D	HFO / Premixer		85-1418-4
E	Carrier Gen / Xtal	85-1581-6
F	Receiver IF / Audio	85-1462-6
G	Receiver Front End	85-1931-1
H	Power Amplifier		85-2055-1
J	Driver			85-1421-5
K	ALC / Output Filter	85-2056-1 or 85-2187-1
  	VFO Filter		85-1930-1
  	VFO Oscillator		85-1205-7
  	VFO Buffer		85-1206-3
  	Converter		85-1415-1
  	Display			85-1416-1

Cosmetic condition, mods/holes, missing knobs, missing displays, blown 
finals (already have spares for those), does not work, all do not matter 
as long as all (or most) of the boards and other major components are there.

Will consider just about anything priced appropriately. Digital pictures 
would be helpful.

Here is a change to convert something gathering dust in your shack to 
some cash AND help keep another green one on the air.

Please let me know your asking price to ship to London, Ontario, Canada, 
N6E 2J4.



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