WTB: Heathkit EV desk mic.

doc kd4e at VERIZON.NET
Mon May 29 15:32:46 EDT 2006

> What I am looking for is either the EV-619, or (I think) the EV-639 desk 
> mic. 
> I believe these two models were the standard ones sold for use with the 
> SB/HW transceivers.  If I am incorrect, corrections from the peanut 
> gallery cheerfully accepted and acted upon. :-)
> I am not particularly interested in having one with the Heathkit logo on it 
> either, but that would be nice if it happened to be there.
> This would be for use with either my restored HW-101, my soon-to-be-
> restored SB-102, or my SB-401.
> Anything available out there?  Ken Gordon W7EKB

Hey Ken!

I was told that Collins provided the EV-619 with
some of their gear.

Just looked at my Winter 1978 Heathkit catalog
on page 65.  The microphone is somewhat similar
to the EV-619 but lacks the chrome covering.

Heathkit HDP-121a

Perhaps someone on the list has good information.

Thanks! & 73, doc kd4e  http://bibleseven.com
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