[Heath] Correction to my posting on HW-112() and HRA-10

Robert Groh rgroh at swbell.net
Mon Mar 3 20:58:49 EST 2014

First off, the HRA-10-1 is SOLD.  Thanks to all who inquired.

Second - made a major goof on the HW-12.  As pointed out to me by many on the list, the radio is NOT a HW-12A but rather the earlier HW-12.  I do apologize for the mixup - sometimes my education is painful and this is definitely one of those times.  According to Chuck Penson, the 'A' version has a number of nice changes.  However he does go on to say that the HW-12, although not rare, is difficult to find in really good, unmodified condition.  I think mine would fit into that category.

Again my apologies to all for my mistake.

Bob Groh, WA2CKY
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