[Heath] HW-16 transceiver questions

John Klingelhoeffer wb4lnm at aol.com
Fri Mar 7 21:58:38 EST 2014

A couple of quick questions to the group regarding the HW-16 CW transceiver I am currently refurbishing.

1) I notice this has a circuit breaker in the mains primary instead of fuses.  Seems like this is unusual for a Heathkit.  This one is working fine, but I'm wondering if there have been any electrical safety problems with that approach over the years the HW-16 has been in the wild? (note:  I've already changed to a 3-wire grounding AC mains cord and plug.) 

2) I'd have to believe that the transmitter met the FCC requirements for harmonic and spurious emissions at the time it was designed and manufactured, but has anyone taken measurements on an HW-16 'lately' to see if it meets current requirements?  

3) Has anyone come up with an AGC circuit for the HW-16 that works without adversely affecting the very good full-break-in QSK keying functionality?  Running with no AGC is a real pain both operationally and on the ears.  

4)  Has anyone come up with a more pleasing sidetone oscillator that is simple to integrate into the current circuity (phase-shift oscillator or something) rather than the somewhat raucous and raspy neon bulb relaxation oscillator?  I'd sure like an internal sidetone option with a more pleasing tone.   I can adjust the amplitude of the current oscillator, but the waveform is just downright lousy.  

Thanks and 73                WB4LNM

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