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In the SA-2060A, there is also the instance if you want to "by-pass" the
tuner function without having to disconnect cables. The simple solution
that was proposed many years ago was to take two UHF right angle
adapters, connect the female of both to a UHF male to male adapter, and
the connect the male of one right angle adapter to "By-pass" and the
other male right angle adapter to "Coax 1". Now, if you place the the
switch to By-pass, whatever antenna is connected to Coax 1 is directly
connected through the SWR bridge directly to your rig. If you view the
schematic, this does impact any connection to Coax 2, balanced line, or
single wire line.

Pete, wa2cwa

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Does anyone remember if this was an issue and if so, the answer?
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Do you remember the issue with the SA-2060 or SA-2060A tuners regarding
the antenna switching?  If my memory is correct there was a lot of
discussion on the antenna switching on these tuners several years ago on
the reflectors.  I do not remember the specifics but do remember things
can be very problematic if jumpers are not connected properly and
switches in the wrong position?  Do you recall the issue?  I think Heath
may have corrected the problem with the “A” version and clarified the
manual on the plain 2060?
I may be wrong on this but I think it had something to do with the
“by-pass” position of the antenna switch.  This is normally hooked up to
a dummy load but something in the switching also leaves the transmitter
hooked to the antennas as well?  Wish I could remember.
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