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I have an original manual for the SB-303 and there is no noise blanker / limiter board listed.  Also, in Penson's book, the fact that a noise limiter is NOT installed in the SB-303 is mentioned.
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On Friday, March 14, 2014 10:13 AM, "N4ch at aol.com" <N4ch at aol.com> wrote:
I don't think Heath ever sold a noise blanker for 
the SB-303 receiver, either included with the basic receiver kit, or as an 
add-on accessory (like the optional CW and AM filters).   The SB-104/A 
SSB transceivers DID have an optional noise blanker which could be added, and 
back in the late 70s and early 80s a common mod for the SB-303 was to buy a 
blanker kit (which was intended for the SB-104), and wire it into the '303 
receiver.   I don't think Heath ever encouraged or supported doing 
this, but the modification was written up in one of the ham mags some 35 years 
ago (I can't recall which one), and I actually modified a couple such receivers, 
and the results were pretty good, as I recall.   I think the RF 
attenuator was standard on ALL SB-303 receivers that Heath shipped, but the 
blanker was standard on none.
73, Herman, N4CH.
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pbrickey at verizon.net writes:
>My SB-303 has a Noise Blanker control in place of the RF 
  attenuator control, but the noise blanker board is missing. Does anybody have 
  an idea of why Heathkit eliminated the noise blanker and substituted the RF 
  attenuator? Anyone have a SB-303 noise blanker 
>Heath at puck.nether.net

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