[Heath] SB-303....and noise blankers....

Guy Giacopuzzi gggdds at js-net.com
Sat Mar 15 10:24:52 EDT 2014

Wow, you learn something new everyday.  Here, as a Heathkit collector, I 
thought I knew the 303' in an out, and, well, I just happen to have a 
1971 Heathkit Catalog...and guess what--if you look very, very carefully 
at the pic of the 303', it does say "noise blanker" in the rf attenuator 
spot.  And it is definately "blocked out", as if at press time they 
weren't sure they could get the thing to work.  Now, because this looks 
like about the time of the 303's introduction, it appears that the 
engineers had a NB in the 303' from the start, but probably couldn't get 
it to work right--I'm guessing this, please understand.  In my years of 
working at Heath, I never saw a 303' come in for service--most hams 
built them flawlessly and there was little to go wrong in them once they 
were built.  So I never saw one with "noise blanker" printed on the 
panel.  I'm guessing you have a very, very early model....if you still 
have the famous blue/silver/white sticker on it, tell us the serial #.  
I'm at my vacation home at the moment, but when I'm back at my home QTH, 
I'll look at my 303's (I own two of them...) and I'll be your # is very 
low....As I said previously, you own a rare piece of Heathkit 
history...fascinating for those of us that loved and have studied the 
history of the company....Again, make sure Penson is aware of this...
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