[Heath] SB-634 clock calibration with WWV?

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Hi Sandy
The reference frequency for the clock chip IC201 is provided by your  mains 
supply so there is no way to adjust that. Over long periods, say 24 hours,  
the mains supply is supposed to be very accurate and you can probably find 
the  spec for the US mains on the Internet. Over short periods of time the 
mains  frequency moves around a bit.
If you find that the time is changing randomly faster than expected  then 
it may be noise or pulse interference on the mains causing false triggering  
but there is a simple RC filter inside the SB634 to remove any pulses. Check 
 that the filter capacitor C202 (0.02uF) is still good.
I have a collection of service bulletins for the SB634 if you need  them.



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Hi,  folks.   Now that I have my timer display problem figured out, I'm  
trying to see how the clocks compare to WWV. In the Manual, there's no mention 
 of adjusting the clocks slower or faster. Anyone know if there's a way to 
do  that?

​73,    Sandy AC1Y​

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