[iptv-users] Open Source Broadcast Encoder

Kieran Kunhya kieran at kunhya.com
Sun Dec 5 20:34:08 EST 2010

--- On Mon, 6/12/10, Dan White <dwhite at olp.net> wrote:

> From: Dan White <dwhite at olp.net>
> Subject: Re: Open Source Broadcast Encoder
> To: "Kieran Kunhya" <kieran at kunhya.com>
> Cc: iptv-users at puck.nether.net
> Date: Monday, 6 December, 2010, 1:07
> On 05/12/10 15:00 -0800, Kieran
> Kunhya wrote:
> >Apologies if this is the wrong list to post this.
> >
> >People here might be interested to know that an Open
> Source broadcast encoder is being written. It uses the x264
> encoder for H.264 encoding. x262 is also in development for
> MPEG-2 Encoding. There is a large Scandinavian IPTV/cable
> provider and a US TV station keen to get this in production
> as soon as possible (mainly for quality/price/control
> reasons). The idea is that the encoder will have all the
> features that a hardware encoder would have and be simple to
> get started with but have major flexibility.
> >
> >A proposed feature list is here: https://github.com/kierank/broadcastencoder/wiki
> Do you have any code to share or are you still in design
> phase?
> -- 
> Dan White

I have libmpegts mostly completed (but unreleased) apart from T-STD and a few other things - it's just a case of having access to a T-STD analyzer that doesn't suck and possibly fixing any STB issues later on.
x262 is in development. Intra-coding is done and Inter is currently underway.

I've also got an "e-distribution" decoder, which I plan to release after a sponsor can fund it's integration and sort out the potential legal issues.

The main (real-time) encoder framework is in design phase, yes.

A separate encoder for VOD will most likely be an extension of x264cli.

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