[j-nsp] juniper/unisphere comparative tests

Rubens Kuhl Jr. rkuhljr@uol.com.br
Fri, 30 Aug 2002 10:46:23 -0300

As they are both from the same company now, they will probably be very
helpful in providing such docs to choose M-series or ERX; either way they
make a sell...

But if you describe the scenario, I'm (and probably others on this list are
too) pretty familiar with both architetures and could point a direction.

Rubens Kuhl Jr.

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Subject: [j-nsp] juniper/unisphere comparative tests

| I am trying to source documentation that compares  juniper to unisphere  .
| All that i have so far is a Network World pdf on Mpls with rsvp-te.
| can anyone please  assist ?
| thanks
| Aman Singh