[j-nsp] compact-flash problems

Markus Åberg (LMF) Markus.Aberg@lmf.ericsson.se
Fri, 29 Nov 2002 07:17:18 +0100


you need to put it back on the boot-list (sometimes the flash or even the HD can be lost, probably due to read-errors).

sysctl -w machdep.bootdevs=pcmcia-flash,compact-flash,disk,lan 

A full install (partitioning, format etc) may be necessary to get rid of the read-errors.

YMMV, works for me. Undocumented..


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So, I'm wondering if anyone has ever seen this before...

I've got a couple RE's which for some reason can't see the onboard compact
flash... They were working perfectly under 4.x, but after an upgrade to 
5.x (tried everyting from 5.2 to the latest 5.5) ad0 just isn't there...

The interesting part is, the bootloader sees the devices, but the kernel 
comes up with the following error:

ad0: not attached, missing in Boot List

Any ideas?

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