[j-nsp] Implementing Ethernet Aggregated Features

Gary Hauser ghauser at juniper.net
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Not to mention that the FXP1 interface is not a physical interface in
the since of having a pluggable interface (RJ45) it is only for
communication over the backplane as Jeremy stated.

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On Thu, 3 Apr 2003 13:46:22 -0500
"Robert Viau" <rviau at wcom.ca> wrote:

RV> Well I've not physically looked at this M40 recently, but I noticed
RV> that it has more than one fxp interface :
RV> Hardware inventory:
RV> Item             Version  Part number  Serial number     Description
RV> Chassis                                22138             m40
RV> <snip>
RV> SCB              REV 02   710-001838   <snip>            Internet
RV> <snip>
RV> rviau at router> show interfaces brief | match fxp
RV> Physical interface: fxp0, Administratively down, Physical link is Up
RV> Physical interface: fxp1, Enabled, Physical link is Up
RV>   Logical interface fxp1.0
RV> rviau at router>
RV> I figured running them to separate hubs and then into a management
RV> might add some additional redundancy over a single link.

The fxp1 interface is the link between the RE and the PFE and shouldn't
ever be touched by any configuration attempts.  This could mess up
communication between the RE and PFE and cause problems with the routers

FXP0 is the out of band management interface and each RE in a router has
one.  The M40 only has one out of band management interface, because it
only has one RE.

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