[j-nsp] Bypass-routing traceroutes

Marco Marletta marco.marletta at garr.it
Thu Dec 11 13:26:10 EST 2003

Hi all,
suppose my Juniper router has a full-routing BGP peering with AS X, on
interface whose IP is y.y.y.y/30.
I don't propagate internally the routes I receive from AS X because it is
active only for test purpose.
This router receives also the full-routing table from other iBGP peers.
How can I perform traceroutes from my Juniper through AS X towards all
destinations I receive on this eBGP peering, instead of using the best
routes coming from inside?
I want to test the AS X capability of reaching some destinations without
using it for traffic...

traceroute <desired destination> source y.y.y.y gateway y.y.y.y-1
appears not to work...

Thanks in advance,

Marco Marletta

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