[j-nsp] advertised route count

Richard A Steenbergen ras at e-gerbil.net
Fri Dec 19 16:52:59 EST 2003

On Fri, Dec 19, 2003 at 12:49:45PM -0800, Gary Tate wrote:
> If you want to do it from the cli you can use:
> show route advertising bgp x.x.x.x extensive | grep Pref | Count
> This matches on one line of the output so you can get the number of 
> routes without any subtraction.

That only works on iBGP sessions where you are passing a localpref. :P

But yes I see your point. A good hack for quickly trying to come to a 
conclusion, but very slow and load intensive on the RE. If there were more 
characters available on the screen I would suggest the count should be 
part of show bgp summary... Actually, I personally find the count, which 
is included on Foundry's show ip bgp sum, to be far more useful 
information on a default summary output than the InPkt/OutPkt count.

> To see installed routes you should use:
> run show pfe route summary
> IPv4 Route Tables:
> Index         Routes     Size(b)
> --------  ----------  ----------
> Default           26        1857
> 1                  4         281
> MPLS Route Tables:
> Index         Routes     Size(b)
> --------  ----------  ----------
> Default           10         707
> IPV6 Route Tables:
> Index         Routes     Size(b)
> --------  ----------  ----------
> Default            6         473
> 1                  3         221
> If you want to see routes from a particular protocol then the used next 
> hop is marked with a Active and you can match on that and count.
> show route advertising bgp x.x.x.x extensive | grep <Active | Count

I was thinking more along the lines of a way to SEE the routes selected as
best path (or not best path for that matter). Say I wanted to see them
post local processing (not the raw data that is being sent to me), I could
do show route next-hop x.x.x.x, but I don't have any way to show the
details on the ones which either are or aren't being selected as best. I
would have to do something like "terse | except "[+\*]" | match /" to
actually get just that list, and then manually check those prefixes to see 

I know the keyword "best" is already taken to mean show the longest match 
only, but wouldn't the show route commands really benefit from a way to 
match or exclude based on the selection of best path?

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