[j-nsp] jnpr/fdry isis

Richard A Steenbergen ras at e-gerbil.net
Sat Dec 27 18:44:10 EST 2003

Ok I know I'm going to hell for trying to do this on a Floundry, but has
anyone tested interoperability between Foundry and Juniper isis
implementations? I can establish an adjacency, but can't seem to get any
routes exchanged in either direction. Nothing terribly useful shows up on
the Juniper side (though I've tried to keep the traceoptions to something
which generates less than 500 lines/sec), but the Foundry side looks,
well, less than promising:

fdry#sh isis database detail

IS-IS Level-2 Link State Database
LSPID                 LSP Seq Num  LSP Checksum  LSP Holdtime      
r1.00-00  0x0000006e   0x02c0        819               0/0/0      
   Area Address:  00.0000.0000.0000.0000.0000.0069
   NLPID:  cc  8e
   IP address:  x.x.x.x      
   Metric:  15    IP-Extended x.x.x.x/30  UP bit: 0             
   Metric:  15    IP-Extended x.x.x.x/30  UP bit: 0             
   Metric:  0     IP-Extended x.x.x.x/32  UP bit: 0             
   Metric:  480   IP-Extended x.x.x.x/30  UP bit: 0            
   Metric:  480   IS-Extended r3.00       
   Metric:  27983 IS-Extended 0604.4516.8e4e .08
   Metric:  50842 IS-Extended 4d0b.204d.944b .de
   Metric:  -2208 IS-Extended 4d94.4bde.4d94 .4b
   Metric:  49721 IS-Extended de4d.944b.de4d .94
   Metric:  -2225 IS-Extended 4bde.0a04.4d94 .4b
   Metric:  0     IS-Extended 944b.de03.0400 .00
   Metric:  99789 IS-Extended 0142.0128.0300 .00
   Metric:  -1152 IS-Extended 4516.8fb2.0b20 .4c
   Metric:  50417 IS-Extended ee6b.284c.ee6b .28
   Metric:  26411 IS-Extended 4cee.6b28.4cee .6b
   Metric:  50417 IS-Extended 284c.ee6b.280a .04
   Metric:  26214 IS-Extended 0904.4cee.6b28 .03
   Metric:  13107 IS-Extended 0000.2201.4201 .28
   Metric:  -2219 IS-Extended 0606.0445.168f .a1

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