[j-nsp] vlan tagging, vlan ids, etc.

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Sorry, I hit send too early...

Cisco uses the concept of native vlan.  This is an untagged vlan.  By
default this is vlan1.  Your configuration on the Juniper M40 shows
vlan1 as tagged.  Even though you enabled dot1q on the cat3524, vlan1 is
not tagged so the M40 will discard all the packets from vlan1.  You have
two options:

1- Use "vlan dot1q tag native" to tag the native vlan, or
2- Move the native vlan to another vlan id not in use (i.e vlan100)


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First of all, I don't have much of a juniper background and have been 
staring at the interfaces and class of service book for some time.

I have a Gigabit Ethernet connection between two facilities.  On one
side I 
have a cisco 3524 switch, on the other, I have a juniper M40 running an 
older version of Junos - 5.2R2.3

On the juniper side, I have a simple setup of the link... root at edge#
show interfaces ge-3/3/0 unit 0 {
    family inet {

I can get across the link to the switch on the other end at

now, when I attempt to create subinterfaces I can no longer get to the 
switch on the other end.

root at edge# show interfaces ge-3/3/0
unit 0 {
    vlan-id 1;
    family inet {
unit 1 {
    vlan-id 2;
    family inet {
unit 2 {
    vlan-id 3;
    family inet {

I'm new to junos and am just unsure of what I am doing wrong.  According
the documentation this *should* work.

Any glaring problems with what I am doing?  Maybe its lack of sleep from
holidays that has me misreading this.

Thanks for any help

David William

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