[j-nsp] M10 and Cisco 2950

Julian Eccli je at juniper.net
Wed Jun 4 12:39:15 EDT 2003

> Could you pls tell me what policed discards is?
> How to solve the problem?

The policed discards counter is more than likely incrementing from the native vlan 2 setting on the 2950 which would send frames from that vlan out untagged.

When you set the FE interface for vlan-tagging mode on a M/T series box, it only recognizes tagged frames.  Non tagged frames will increment the policed discards counter since they are not recognized as valid for the current interface setting.

> What is L2 mismatch timeouts? what to cause it?

Usually it's runts (short frames), or any malformed frame that can't be recognized.

One side could have been in full duplex and the other could be in half duplex (or was, is this still incrementing?)  If this is the reason, this is usually due to one side (or both) having problems with auto-negotiation.  Looks like both sides are hard set so if this counter is not incrementing anymore, that may have been the issue.


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