[j-nsp] ERX High SRP Processor utilization--lots of ICMP--

Roy-Magne Mo rmo at sunnmore.net
Mon Jun 16 21:10:13 EDT 2003

Jeronimo Diez de Sollano Velazco Aceves:
> Hello
> We have an ERX wit two STM-4 linemodules and 1 4STM1 linemodule. We are
> running BGP full routing and OSPF as iBGP.
> We haver the SRP processor of the ERX about 60 %.
> We can see a lot of ICMP but when we do the icmptraffic debug then we can
> see that the addresses that answer the ICMP requests are the Broadcast
> address of the point to point links with other routers.

Watch your traffic for (D)DoS SYN-attacks, just had a attack here
driving the CPU up to loads of 70-80% sustained.

Roy-Magne Mo

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