[j-nsp] PIM-SM / registor / ISIS

bert.todts at alcatel.be bert.todts at alcatel.be
Tue Mar 4 17:38:13 EST 2003

Did anybody encountered following problem ?

-I am using Junos 5.5R1.2 and I am SDR  and not RP for a PIM_SM domain.
-I was using ospf as IGP and every things worked fine.
-The RP is static configured.
-Now I am switched to ISIS and  I am not sending registor msg's and the
multicast route stays as mdiscard in the routing table.
-show multicast route shows  IfMismatch increasing.
-Source @ip is direct connected.
-Rp @IP is known in routing table.


run show multicast route extensive
 Family: INET
Group           Source prefix     Act Pru NHid  Packets    IfMismatch
Timeout     /32 A   P  0     0
9450       170
    Upstream interface: local
    Session name: Unknown
    Forwarding rate: 0 kBps (0 pps)

inet.1: 1 destinations, 1 routes (1 active, 0 holddown, 0 hidden) (1 entry, 1 announced)
KRT in-kernel -> {mdiscard}
        *PIM    Preference: 105
                Next hop type: Multicast (IPv4)
                State: <Active Int>
                Age: 3:53
                Task: PIM.master
                Announcement bits (1): 0-KRT

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