[j-nsp] juniper simulator?!?!

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Every time the question of OLIVES comes up it creates lots of discussion. We
know that there are still Olives out there. We also know that Juniper
themselves still use them and they were the guys that invented them in the
first place. For an individual that is attempting to do the JNCIE funding
one's own lab is cost prohibitive unless you work for a company that has
lots of equipment to play with. The CCIE was not costly for $10.000.00 you
could build your lab at home. You cannot do this with Juniper. So as long as
there is a way to build these OLIVES people will continuously try to so do
and Juniper will always say that it cannot be done and only supports certain
JUNOS etc. etc.
Now that I have had my 2 cents worth can we please stop this discussion as
it opens a whole new can of worms every time it is brought up. Bottom line,
if we want to play with Juniper, buy the routers.


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Yeah right, like there are no UFO's!!


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On Tue, Mar 04, 2003 at 01:59:36AM -0500, Joshua Smith wrote:
> another newbie question - is there a juniper simulator?  i have heard
> of 'olive' but don't know what it is or where to get it...our routers
> don't arrive for two weeks, but i was hoping to get a feel for junos
> before that time

There are no Olives!

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