[j-nsp] VPN query

Hasanga Hendehewa (EPA) Hasanga.Hendehewa at ericsson.com.au
Thu Mar 6 10:02:40 EST 2003

there was a bug in JUNOS where you couldnt ping the local interfaces. if you
have access to their Problem Report cache, do a search there. The fault has
been fixed in a recent release of the code base.

The problem report is PR 24386, the problem is fixed in 5.2R3; 5.3R2; 5.4R1;


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>Hey all,
>Heres a weird one.. when I was on my vpn course not so many 
>moons ago, I
>confirmed that the commands ping (address) routing-instance 
>(vpn) and ping
>vpn-interface (interface) can be used interchangeably, and 
>perform the same
>Ok, so I tried to ping one of my interfaces that belongs to my 
>VRF using the
>routing-instance command: "ping routing-instance 
>vpn-a" and dont
>get a reply at all !
>But, when I use the vpn-interface command :  "ping 
>ae0.100" , I get a response ? Now can anyone shed some light 
>on this, also
>please note that the interface i'm pinging is the local 
>interface and NOT
>the customer end. I guess these commands do not have the same
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