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If your network supports multicast or you have plans to support it, I
recommend the multicast book (Interdomain Multicast Routing, by Edwards,
Giuliano and Wright). I had always had trouble grasping the finer points of
multicast, but this book gave me the necessary understanding of the
protocols both at the conceptual and practical level.

The book discusses theory and gives practical real-world configs examples
for both Juniper and Cisco routers (which will help the jump from Cisco to
Juniper). All around its one of the better practical technical books I've
read. The MSDP and the SSM chapters in particular are clear sources of info
for these protocols, and the explanation of the MSDP RPF rules alone is
worth the book's purchase.


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> hello all,
> my employer is planning on the purchase of some juniper routers
> (m20's specifically) and i am looking for suggestions on good
> books to read (in addition to the docs on their website).  i come
> from a cisco background and have only minimal knowledge of the
> hows/whys of juniper (but am looking forward to learning).
> some that looked promising on amazon were:
> juniper networks field guide and reference
> juniper and cisco routing: policy & protocols for multivendor networks
> juniper networks reference guide: junos routing, config, & architecture
> the jncia/jncip books look interesting too, but there were no reviews....
> thanks
> joshua
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