[j-nsp] slow telnet session

Michael Feng wsf at vodatelsys.com
Tue May 27 09:27:51 EDT 2003


Actually I telnet to the M5 by ip address, not by name.
You still suggest to check external DNS server?

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I think what Nils was referring to was your external DNS servers.  Are you trying to telnet to the M5 by name?  If so, then like Nils suggested, check your external DNS server to make sure that they are correctly set up and configured.  I to have also encountered these issues before but they were also related to my external DNS servers not the M5.  Hope this helps.
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It didn't set domain name service on M5.
So, I am still not understood, you mean it is northing related with 
What should I do? pls feel free to guide me.
Thanks in advance. 

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Check your DNS-settings. Most problems I have encountered with slow telnet/ssh sessions were the cause of an unresponisve / unreachable DNS..

Hope this helps..

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what is the reason of slow telnet session?

When I try telnet M5, it took so long to come out the 
login windows, what is the reason?


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