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Hi Edson,
I have had numerous M20 chassis with this issue and in all cases it required
an RMA.  The issue with the fan failures is handled a bit different
depending on the type of power supply that you have (as I have been
If you have a DC power supply and the M20 backplane has either one of these
revision numbers: 
Backplane REV 02 710-002334
Backplane REV 08 710-001517 
Then it will require that you change out the backplane of the M20 in order
to correct this issue.  Luckily for me, I have only had AC.  In any case, if
you have DC and you are getting the fan failure errors notifications and you
have the 2 revisions above then you need to replace the backplane and have
what is called ECO-02175 applied to it to fix it.  There may be more
revisions affected so you may want to go ahead an open a case with JTAC and
have them look into it.
If you have AC power supplies and you are getting the fan failures
notifications then you need to RMA the power supply.  Chances are that you
don't have a fan failure (if you look at the fans they are all spinning) but
my guess on this is that the sensors are malfunctionig although I have not
been told what exactly causes the fan failure notifications.  I just know
that RMAing the power supplies fixed the issue.

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Hi all,
I have a M20 and it's generating the error below in log file: 
admin at core1-re0.poa> show chassis alarms
Alarm time               Class  Description
2003-05-25 08:31:05 BRT  Major  Power Supply B fan failed
I heard that kind of error is quite normal nowadays..... 
Is this some kind of "manufacture" problem ?? 
Is it possible to replace only fans without send PS for RMA ??
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