[j-nsp] question on equal paths load balancing

Bosco Sachanandani Bosco.Sachanandani at orange.co.in
Fri Sep 5 16:25:17 EDT 2003

Hi Team

This may seem like a rather basic but am asking it anyways.... am a novice but can only learn by asking!! I have'nt really implemented this, but it did cross my mind so am checking.

I have 3 links in all connected to 2 upstream GRX providers and am peering with them using BGP. 2 links going to one GRX partner say partner A and 1 link going to partner B. All are 64 kbps links.

Now say I have to use partner A to connect to Europe and Partner B to connect to South East Asia. 

1) Since I have 2 links to partner A, can I use both the links to do load balancing AS WELL AS maintain redundancy incase one fails?

2) I have one class C subnet that I will be exporting to both partners and will reach them depending on destination traffic viz Europe or Asia. I know I have to configure BGP policies for this... but for achieving load balancing between the 2 links do I have to configure BGP policies as well?? Can someone point out some example of this scenario?

I am new to BGP policies so want to be sure much before I actually start work.

Thanks in advance

// Bosco

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