[j-nsp] M160 Craft Interface

Steve Holman sholman at juniper.net
Sat Sep 27 22:48:59 EDT 2003

You can remove the impeller fan from the bottom in the back next to the
PEM of the M160 to see the fuses.  There are three types of fuses (I
believe) used by the components.  I don't remember if the craft
interface uses one, but you might look (with a flashlight) at the array
of fuses to see if it's labeled.  Also there is a spare fuse for each
type of fuse included.

Other than that you might open a case with JTAC for a replacement fuse.

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> Hello All.  I am working on an M160 that has a dead craft 
> interface hense it
> does not display any LEDs or displays anything on the front 
> panel module
> LCD.  Issuing a "show chassi craft-interface" display something to the
> effect of "no FPM found" However, all the FPCs and PICs are 
> passing traffic
> normally.  My question is whether the craft-interface 
> requires or utilizes
> any of the spare fuses?
> My next question is, what are the spare fuses being used for?
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