[j-nsp] problem with m40 harddrive

sigma at smx.pair.com sigma at smx.pair.com
Sat Feb 7 11:09:58 EST 2004

> I hate Travelstars. I have a pile of failed drives about 10 high from my
> Thinkpads over the last few years, and another pile almost as high from
> failures in RE's. I don't know what Juniper was thinking, but if you're 
> serious about keeping your RE working I recommend replacing them with 
> Toshiba drives. :)

Hypothetically speaking - has anyone done this?  The drive is mounted from
underneath the circuit board, so it looks like it would be difficult to
replace.  You would have to at least remove the circuit board, remove the
drive from there, put in a matching drive, get everything back together
without damaging it, etc.

Given that these items are really expensive at list price and have a high
failure rate solely because of the hard drive, it would be really nice to
take a shot at replacing the drive and putting the unit back into service
as a spare.  Just a thought.


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