[j-nsp] a couple of LDP questions

OY S oys444 at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 11 14:08:39 EST 2004


I try to understand how the LSR shall behave, if it is
a transit node for LDP LSPs and receives a Label
Release message with wildcard FEC from its upstream
peer. Shall it propagate a Label Release message
downstream after it releases labels locally? I have
noticed that when the same upstream node sends 3
individual label releases for each FEC it tries to
release, these messages are propagated to the
downstream node.

And another question: Suppose the LSR establishes a
LDP session with its peer and negotiates a certain
maximum length of PDU during the initialization
procedure. How should it behave then upon receiving a
message with the PDU length greater than the one being
negotiated? My feeling is that even, if it has
capability to handle this large PDU, it still should
send a fatal notification and close the session. Is
this correct?

Thank you in advance,

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