[j-nsp] route-filter prefix-length-range on inet6 prefixes

Jeff Wheeler jeff at reflected.net
Fri Feb 13 04:20:57 EST 2004

Is it possible to use route-filter prefix-length-range to make policy
decisions on inet6 routes?  I can input the configuration in edit mode,
however a `commit check` results in the following error:

root at router# show 
from {
    family inet6;
    route-filter 0:0:0:0::0/128 prefix-length-range /16-/32;
then accept;

[edit policy-options policy-statement foo term length6]
root at router# commit check 
[edit policy-options policy-statement foo term length6 from]
  'route-filter 0:0:0:0::0/128 route-filter /16-/32'
    Policy: invalid minimum prefix length /16
error: configuration check-out failed

Note that the syntax checker's output is "route-filter <addr6>
route-filter", NOT "route-filter <addr6> prefix-length-range". I see
this behavior on JunOS 6.1R1.4, 6.1R2.2, and 6.2R1.5.

Jeff at Reflected Networks

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