[j-nsp] IQ ChSTM-1 channel capacity

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Thu Feb 19 20:18:06 EST 2004

On Thu, 19 Feb 2004, Nic McCartney wrote:

Thanks Nic, so is this something you have tested on JunOS 6.2? i've seen 
previous documentation where the number was much lower so i just wanted to 
get some url where this can be confirmed since 6.2 documents dont seem to 
have a clear indication ... 
Just need to confirm so we can get the exact number of PICs.. either one 
or two.. small installation.. :)

> I believe the Q-PIC can have 768 channels.
> Nic
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> Hi ... it's me again with the same question but now under 6.2.. apparently 
> there was an improvement on the number of channels on 6.0 was increased to 
> 336 but i can't find documentation on it.. Does anybody has any real 
> experience with this PIC and its capacity.. thanks
> Daniel


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