[j-nsp] OSPF Debug

Chris Summers csummers at juniper.net
Sun Feb 22 20:40:43 EST 2004

sounds like at least one side is configured as an NBMA link???


At 03:06 PM 2/22/2004 -0800, Raymond Cheh wrote:
>I'd suggest doing some 'traceoptions hello detail' and that'd capture
>the hello packets on both routers. Also, I personally like to do
>monitor traffic on the interfaces as it is simpler to see if you
>receives the OSPF packets on the interfaces from the other routers.
>The "attempt" state is interesting. Does it really say that? The
>M20 is in 'init' state, so it is seeing the hello's from the M160.
>And so, the question is whether the M160 is receiving the hello
>packets and if it is rejecting them for some reasons.
>My guess is that when you tried using ip addresses on the interfaces,
>you can ping between the routers because the bgp session is working.
>Are you using the GE ip addresses for your bgp endpoints? If you are
>using the loopback addresses, they may not go through this GE link.
>Let me know what you find! I am quite sure there aren't any changes
>between 5.6 and 6.2 in basic OSPF that may cause this problem but I'll
>set it up myself and verify that. Thanks.
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>Im trying to debug an OSPF issue between an M20 (5.6R1.3), interface is
>P-1GE-SX going to an M160 (6.2R1.5) and that interface is a PB-2GE-SX.
>M20 side seems to be the problem.  Basic area setup, textbook
>example.  I;ve tried numbered and unnumbered interfaces.  The M20 side
>always is in state "init" it see's the hello and gets the router-id of
>M160, but the M160 side always goes from "attempt" to  state "down"
>dead-timers expire.  A 'show ospf neighbor' shows the neighbor in state
>on the M20 side and "down" on the M160 side.
>I'm thinking that I am forgetting something really stupid or there is
>sort of compatibility issue.  It is clear that the M20 is not sending
>HELLO packets *or* the M160 is sending it's HELLO and not listening for
>other side.  If you came across this same issue, where would you look
>So far I have not seen anything alarming in 'flag all details' on either
>router in the traceoptions, further the interfaces do work fine, in fact
>have an iBGP session between these two routers using these exact same
>interfaces.  I have verified that MTU is exactly the same, Ive tried
>encaps/vlan-tagging, etc just to test things and I always end up with
>same result.  The M160 is a new router getting inserted into network, my
>has been around for awhile now and working great with OSPF.  Im hoping
>it is
>as simple as a 5.6/6.2 compatibility problem because that is easy to fix
>would explain all the hair sitting next to both boxes.
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