[j-nsp] Link aggregation

Jonas Frey jf at probe-networks.de
Sat Jun 12 05:24:50 EDT 2004


i am just trying to find more info on link aggregation/link bundling on
GE interfaces. (Going to bundle to 2 GE from a M20 to a Cisco Cat 3750).

I stumbled across this which looks strange to me:

>For aggregated Ethernet interfaces, you must include the 
>vlan-tagging statement at the [edit interfaces aex] hierarchy level 
>to complete the association.

Does this mean i have to run vlan's on the aeX interface? And if i do,
is the first vlan for system purposes or can it be production stuff?

Also, does anyone have a code sniplet of both the juniper side and cisco
side for link aggregation?


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