[j-nsp] 802.3ad between M5 & Cisco cat3750

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IEEE 802 defines Ethernet-like networks.  Please explain how you want to
mix layer 3 into this.

>>> I guess I mis-stated my question. I was actually referring to adding
L3 capabilities to the aggregated interface. I was >>> wondering if I
could somehow get the virtual interface (aggregate bundle) working
between J-C w/o and L2 control 
>>> protocols and then assign layer 3 properties to that virtual
interface (almost like any other interface; at least an IP 
>>> address). Looks I could if I just set the mode to ON on the Cisco
side. Figured it out in the lab late last  night. 
>>> Forgot to send a disregard on this. 

FWIW, yes, link aggregation between Foundry and Juniper or Cisco
generally works, although almost nobody implements the nice parts of
LACP (the ability to move flows to another link in a bundle).

>>> I have been getting push back from one of our partners because they
want to be able to implement port security which, >>> according to them,
isn't possible with aggregation.

	-- Niels.

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