[j-nsp] FW: XML for data collecting

Schapira Michael Michael.Schapira at telekomunikacja.pl
Mon Jun 21 05:48:31 EDT 2004

> Hi,
> We are working with JUNOS  6.2R2.4.
> For editing xml I use Eclipse platform and the Oxygen/ plug in. 
> The XML file is retriven by telnet, and by logging the prompt.
> First of all I have cleaned up the header of the file (deleting the asking
> command for the router).
> I tried to use the xml format for collecting data whereas using perl (just
> un test for the moment). 
> I have retrived the dtd sheets form juniper site.
> When I tried to validate it (with evlipse/Oxygen), I have an error about
> <rt junos:style="brief">
> Here is it : "The prefix "junos" for the attribute "junos:style"
> associated with an element tpe "rt" is not bound"
> I think one of the problem might be the way to link the xml file retrived
> to the dtd's downloaded. I tried to do it by hand
> and I used junios-routing.dtd, but I am not shure it is the good one.
> If someone has an idea??
> sincierly
> Michael

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