AW: [j-nsp] DHCP Relay on an VRF interface

Josef Buchsteiner josefb at
Fri Jun 25 07:18:26 EDT 2004

since 5.7 we do support vrf-tabel-label on plain Ethernet core links If you
have  vlans  then  there  is only the option of having a tunnel pic to
perform ip-lookup

Friday, June 25, 2004, 12:20:08 PM, you wrote:

SC> Hi,

SC> thanks a lot for this hint. But in some cases we have GigE as
SC> core-interface.
SC> Regarding the manual, this won't work.
SC> Any other ideas ??

SC> Carsten

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SC> Hi Carsten,

SC> try vrf-table-label. For more details have a look at the VPN manual and
SC> search for this keyword.

SC> /elmar

SC> At 10:51 AM 6/25/2004, Strahler, Carsten wrote:
>>i try to configure a DHCP Relay over a L3 MPLS-VPN. 
>>The client on the remote site sent dhcp requests and the Juniper
>>forwards them to the central DHCP server. In the log of the server I see
>>the request and the assignment of the ip addresses. 
>>But the client doesn't get the response. 
>>My assumption is, that the DHCP server sent the response to the
>>address of the VRF interface of the remote Juniper. But the Juniper
>>isn't able to do the second lookup. I don't want to install a tunnel PIC
>>and there is no server with a static IP address on the remote site.
>>Any ideas ???  
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