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nicolas.fevrier at free.fr nicolas.fevrier at free.fr
Mon Jun 28 07:40:57 EDT 2004

Selon Usman Tahir <ukhant at apollo.com.pk>:

Hey Usman,
> PS: in some of the access sites certain timeslots are not utilised meaning
> in some sites only 2 timeslots are used, I`ll appreciate the help.
> controller E1 1/0
> channel-group 1 timeslots 1-31

AFAIK, there is a "trick" here since Juniper use a different
range for the slot numbering (1-32) than Cisco does (0-31).

e1-0/0/0 {
        mtu 4470;
        clocking external;
        encapsulation cisco-hdlc;
        e1-options {
            timeslots 2-3;   <--- to connect to slot 1-2 on your cisco.
            framing g704-no-crc4; 
        unit 0 {
            family inet {
                address x.x.x.x/y;

Rest of the config is quite straightforward.



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