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Jonathan Tse jonathantse at pacific.net.sg
Fri Mar 5 04:47:47 EST 2004

Hi all,

We have a juniper router came up strange error. The card was suddenly not working and drops all the packets even though it was up. Both interface counters and syslog didn't tell much. The only suspicious log was the "NoneActive defects: NoneInput MAC/Filter" (see below).

We observed input and bytes when we did ping. but ping just reported all the packets were lost. We did off-line and on-line the card but doesn't help.

Has anyone experienced that before?

                                                              Delay: 0/0/71
Interface: fe-2/2/1, Enabled, Link is Up
Encapsulation: Ethernet, Speed: 100mbps
Traffic statistics:                                           Current delta
  Input bytes:                      21164 (0 bps)                    [3372]
  Output bytes:                    127216 (736 bps)                 [12950]
  Input packets:                      282 (0 pps)                      [49]
  Output packets:                    1658 (0 pps)                     [147]
Error statistics:
  Input errors:                         0                               [0]
  Input drops:                          0                               [0]
  Input framing errors:                 0                               [0]
  Policed discards:                   271                               [0]
  L3 incompletes:                       1                               [0]
  L2 channel errors:                    0                               [0]
  L2 mismatch timeouts:                 0                               [0]
  Carrier transitions:                  3                               [0]
  Output errors:                        0                               [0]
  Output drops:                         0                               [0]
  Aged packets:                         0                               [0]
Active alarms : NoneActive defects: NoneInput MAC/Filter s              [0]

Best regards,

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