[j-nsp] Load Balancing between two AS exit

Cliff DeGuzman cliff at juniper.net
Wed Mar 24 21:45:31 EST 2004


If all the routers involved are juniper routers, then you can use the
link-bandwidth community attribute to distribute the traffic


The note on this page is wrong.  It should read that this feature does
not work concurrently with "per-prefix" load-balancing.  I'll have this
fixed in the docs.


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> Hi,
> we have two M160 connecting to two border router in another 
> AS. the outgoing link bandwidth of m160-1 is 2*2.5G and the 
> other is 2.5G.
> Now we want to set up load balancing between the two exit 
> path.(both incoming traffic and outgoing traffic). How could 
> we modify MED of BGP protocol advertising and how could we 
> distribute outgoing traffic according to outgoing link bandwidth?
> Regards
> Jing Shen 
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