[j-nsp] ssh (cli?) differences in 6.4R2.

Paul Goyette pgoyette at juniper.net
Tue Nov 16 08:55:29 EST 2004

Kisito is correct - the original change was undone and the "other
functionality" has been provided in a different manner.  This was
done in just the past week or so, and the change back had escaped
my notice.

The ability to pass arbitrary commands on the ssh command line is
still unsupported.  There are apparently a lot of customers who
use this abaility anyway, and we've put things back to reduce the

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On Tue, Nov 16, 2004 at 04:37:30AM -0800, Paul Goyette wrote:
> Your observation is correct.  If "ssh <router> <command text>" is
> used, and the <command text> is present, then we start /bin/sh
> rather than the JUNOS CLI.  This is done in order to enable some
> other functionality (details irrelevant).
> Since the ability to pass any <command text> to the router was
> never documented, this change did not warrant a release note.
> The capability is still unsupported (except for the specific case
> for which it was enabled).

So why does your collegue say:

This defect has been fixed recently under PR/32583 ( committed in JUNOS
6.4R3  7.0R2 and higher ).

So obviously it _is_ seen as unwanted behaviour and a workaround was
found to still enable your direct sh access for whatever feature. :-)

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