[j-nsp] BGP mtu-discovery and current behaviour

Pedro Roque Marques roque at juniper.net
Tue Nov 16 13:15:17 EST 2004

Pekka Savola writes:

> Mmm, yes :-).  But what size does the BGP limit the packet size when
> it's disabled?  512 bytes as suggested by someone?  The MTU of the
> egress interface used to send the packet?  Something else?

It is the default *BSD TCP behaviour... 512 is the default for
non-connected links. If directly connected the mtu is used.
Just what you would expect from a regular BSD stack (or derivative).

I'm unaware of an OS that doesn't behave like this when TCP path
mtu is disabled. As a different behaviour became common place since i
stopped paying attention ?


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