[j-nsp] Routing-policy - import route into routing-instance

Sykes, Phil Phil.Sykes at cwe.cwplc.com
Thu Oct 14 05:27:53 EDT 2004

Hi Folks,

 I'd like to be able to use routing-policy to import a route from BGP into a
particular routing-instance, based on community, e.g. 

protocols {
	bgp {
		group foo {
			import move-to-instance;

policy-options {
	policy-statement move-to-instance {
		from {
			community instance-community;
		then {
			routing-instance different-instance;
			^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ (this command doesn't exist)

routing-instances {
    different-instance {
        instance-type forwarding;

 I can't import this route via 'instance-import' in routing-instances,
because it is not (and must not be) the selected route in the router's
master routing-instance RIB (any way round that also gratefully received :-)

The BGP neighbor that the route is coming from does not necessarily support
multiple routing tables, and needs to be sending routes into the master
 I don't really want to import routes into the different-instance, and then
export them into the master routing-instance, although I recognise that
might be one way of doing it.



Phil Sykes, Senior Network Engineer
IP Engineering, Cable & Wireless Network Services
p: +49 89 92699 204  m: +49 172 89 79 727  aim: philsykesatcw

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