[j-nsp] Copy of inet.0

Pedro Roque Marques roque at juniper.net
Wed Oct 27 13:11:01 EDT 2004

Eric Mellott writes:

> I am attempting to create a new routing table which is a complete
> copy of inet.0, except I want the default route to be pointed to the
> bit bucket.  Below is a sample of the configuration.  I have tried
> setting up an import-policy but can't get the routes in inet.0
> copied into test-route-table.

Try this... 

- deactivate all rib-groups.

policy-options {
    policy-statement test-import {
        term a {
            from instance master;
            then accept;

routing-instances {
    test-route-table {
        instance-type forwarding;
        instance-import test-import;

- i.e. "instance-import" can be used instead of doing rib-groups for
all protocols if you keep in mind that:
- "instance-import" only imports active routes.

If you are using tables which, for instance, have different
local-prefs on different BGP paths for the same destination, you still
want to use rib-groups.


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